Suzanne Ouellette is a Professor Emeritus at The Graduate School of The City University of New York where she taught psychology, social science, and liberal studies. She is now a full time painter although she continues to work with Ph.D. students and research colleagues and do scholarly writing.

    "Using oil paint and pencils, I tell stories about the beauty, simplicity, and complexity of what I see in the world.  I want each of my paintings gently to stop you in your tracks. I want you to pause and through my work engage with another person’s image, a silver bowl, a tree, or some other piece of the world.  I intend to provoke both your curiosity and your concern.  Although I want you to find what you are looking at beautiful, I also want you to ask and care about what just happened and what might come next for the person, place, or object in front of you."

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Suzanne Ouellette