1969 Born December 17.

1977 Jealous of 2nd grade classmate's pencil drawing of a deer; give up hope for artistic career.

1984 Go to Phillips Academy as a boarder; start making pottery with Mrs. Bensley to avoid alternative pastimes that may result in expulsion.

1987 Go to Amherst College, no ceramics, get a Fine Arts BA in painting, take a ceramics class at UMass my senior year, am reminded of my calling.


2010 I had Toby in the studio with me for most of the year sitting in her little neglecto-matic listening to Terry Gross. I also started blogging about the chaos of my existence. www.throwingandtantrums.blogspot.com. I spent a good part of the year panicking about the Philadelphia Public School system.

2011 Did not have a 4th child...not for lack of trying. I instead put my creative energy into making a ridiculous amount of pottery and a kick-ass R2D2 Halloween costume for my kindergartener. There are so many Halloweens ahead of us. I fear I may have peaked too soon.

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